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23 Apr 2020 - Rules of Conduct

Rule #1: Be courteous and respectful:

-No trolling, spamming, or griefing in any game chat or Discord channel. 

-In voice and text chat, keep language clean and family friendly (G/PG). Avoid innuendos, dirty jokes, or cursing. Players may have children within ear shot and not be wearing headphones or covering their screens.

-Make any request for grouping or advice mutually beneficial. Don’t beg, and don't make a fuss if you don't get help right away. Be considerate if someone offers help, and make it as easy as possible on everyone else. As it fits your comfort level, use voice chat, schedule an event, and get to know your fellow Guildies.

-Respect ‘newbies,’ and casual players. Don't give people grief over their playstyle. Everyone plays games for different reasons, and people have different skill levels. If a player asks for help, do your best to help them get better at whatever they’re doing. 

-Respect the larger community. No racism, sexism, or bigotry of any kind. Don't bash someone's religion or worldview, and don't try to push yours on others - no proselytizing. Avoid discussions of religion or politics. Don't give people grief over circumstances beyond their control. Show everyone the same level of respect and dignity, regardless of who or what they are.

-Respect your Guildmates by respecting their contributions to the Guild Vault. Use the vault in a way that will return benefits to the rest of the Guild. Make sure you contribute as much (or more) to the Guild as you ask from the Guild. Be an addition to the community; not a depletion.

-Adhere to loot rules agreed on by the group. Don't be a ninja looter.

-No fighting, name-calling, or mud-slinging in public. If you have a problem with a fellow member or officer, work toward a peaceful resolution; officers are available to work with you, and if you have an issue with an officer, the Guild Master will help to reach a resolution. Officers are sworn to discretion and confidentiality, so please don't hesitate if you need help resolving a conflict. The more detail they have to work with, the better, so take notes, screenshots, or gather whatever evidence you can if it's a serious issue.

-No complaining in public. Everyone's welcome and encouraged to speak their minds about anything, but it becomes complaining when it's done in an overly negative, critical way, or it's brought up repeatedly. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt and stay positive and constructive. If you have a problem with the community or a group, work it out in private with the officers.

-Respect any roleplayers you may encounter, and if you engage in Roleplaying, please keep RP appropriate to the setting. If you choose not to RP, then let RP'ers be RP'ers.


Rule #1 applies in every situation where you're wearing our Guild tag, whether in pickup groups, out adventuring, online, voice chat, etc.


Rule #2: Guild Invites and Public Notes

Guild Invite Process:

Idealists and above can issue Guild invites. When inviting, be sure to give the prospective new member a simplified version of Rule 1 such as, “Our only requirement is that folks treat others with respect for a variety of people and backgrounds, and keeping chat family-friendly (G/PG). Is that Ok?"

Announce their upcoming arrival in Guild chat so that everyone can welcome them. Set their public note right away.

Public Notes:

Public notes in the game and Discord nicknames help us keep track of who is who. In-game public notes should be Main/join date on the member's main character; alt character notes should just be the main character’s name. 

Discord nicknames should be the same as your Main. If a member prefers to be called by something else, then add that into the Note and Nickname. Members can change their mind about their main if they choose.

Rule #3: Roster Cleanup and Returning Members

At least once a year the serving officers will do a roster cleanup. 

- The intention to do a roster cleanup will be promoted in the Guild Message of the Day and mentioned several times in Guild chat.

- In the interest of maintaining an active roster, any member who is 12 months absent or more may have all their alts removed and their mains transferred to the inactive roster.

Being removed from an in-game roster does not mean that player has been removed from the Guild. If/when they return to active playing, they are welcome back with full ranks and honors, any time.

Rule #4:  Adhere to the Terms of Service of World of Warcraft.

Activities such as cheating, hacking, botting, and other exploits that run afoul of Blizzard Entertainment’s stated rules will not be supported by the Circle of the Phoenix.

Rule #5: There are Consequences

Any violation of these rules will result in a range of consequences, including confidential coaching by an officer, warning, demotion, or immediate removal with no notice (in the case of an egregious violation). 

Consequences are considered by Guild Officers based on a variety of factors and are decided on a case-by-case basis. Officers strive to be as fair as possible to maintain the health of the Guild.

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