23 Apr 2020 - Guild Charter

Guild Charter

Welcome to Circle of the Phoenix. If you're looking to form deep, long lasting friendships in a community based on mutual respect, inclusion, excellence, and peaceful decision-making, this is the Guild for you.

Mission Statement - We're here for World of Warcraft players to help provide a safe, family friendly environment while supporting maximum fun, friendship, and mutual respect. Our goal is to be a community of friends who truly care for one another as people, not just players. We'll do everything we can to make sure none of our members ever have to play alone if they don't want to. We do not discriminate based on playstyle or lifestyle; all who are friendly, courteous, and helpful are welcome.

We strive to support diversity in the World of Warcraft experience, and encourage every type of activity our members are interested in, including raiding and dungeoning, roleplaying, PvP, and questing.

Leadership Style - Circle of the Phoenix was created to be a Guild where every member can feel a sense of ownership. We are guided, sustained, and defined by our members. Because the game requires it, we have ranks that indicate different levels of responsibility for the Guild; the Guild Master and officers help provide inspiration and direction, and uphold the values of the Guild, but the strength and health of the community is a collaborative effort.

Ranks and Promotions - Promotions are based on a few key things: Desire, maturity, loyalty, participation, and friendliness. 


These are the new recruits. Anyone who is interested in joining the Guild can do so with very little process. Though some members join by personal invitation, most recruiting comes from the Guild Finder interface based on the description there. Officers keep track of the new members and update their Guild note when they make initial contact with them, entering "Main" if it's their main character, or their main character's name if it's an alt, the joined date, (Example: "Main 11-15-20")

Wishmaker status is intended to be temporary, to provide time for the recruit to acclimate themself to the Guild's culture, standards, and community. After a week or so they will be asked to become a full member and rank up to Idealist. We would never want to remove an active member, but if someone joins and never makes any effort to integrate with the Guild, that might not be seen as a good fit. 

Wishmakers can be removed from the Guild by a Visionary or above with very little due process if they're found to exhibit behaviors counter to the Code of Conduct and Charter.


Idealists are full members who can recruit and send Guild invites. They have access to the Guild vault and daily repairs. Idealists and above cannot be removed from the Guild without a discussion thread in the officer Discord, attempts to coach, and a majority officer vote (except in extreme cases such as abusive behavior, which is cause for immediate removal).

Promotion Process: an Officer will check in with Wishmakers after at least one week and see if they're interested in staying with us long-term. If they agree, and if no questionable behavior has been noticed, then they can pursue becoming an an Idealist by completing the following steps:

1.) Register to the Circle of the Phoenix Discord, and change your Nickname to your main toon's name.

2.) Read the Charter and Rules of Conduct.

3.) Post a reply to the Wishmaker to Idealist thread to confirm that you read up on the Guild and wish to become an Idealist.

4.) If you'd like your promotion right away, you can whisper a Pathfinder or above in game to let them know you walked through the process. After they check to make sure you've been a good fit, they can promote you on the spot. It's even more fun to get your promotion at the next available Guild meeting. If you'd rather do that, you can just wait and look for the next meeting to pop up on the calendar.


Pathfinder indicates that you are willing to interact with other members in a leadership role and scan for issues that may affect the health of the membership. Any full member can become a Pathfinder by letting a Visionary know of their desire to serve.


Visionary indicates that you commit to considering issues and making decisions that will affect the activities and membership of the Guild. Along with the other Visionaries, you take responsibility for Guild direction and overall Guild culture. Any Pathfinder can request inclusion in the Visionary team at any time. When in a Visionary role, officers include a commitment to communicate with other officers, to troubleshoot on issues affecting the Guild, and to work with other Visionaries to make any changes that may be necessary to ensure the health and stability of the Guild.

Certain Visionaries also have designation of Dream-ranks.

Dreamguard and Dreamlord

The designation Dreamlord can only be held by one person - a Visionary who agrees to be the central point of responsibility according to the World of Warcraft definition of a Guild Master (Rank 1). 

The game’s Guild interface also requires that one or more Visionaries (Rank 3) be designated as default potential Guild Masters (Rank 2) if the Guild Master should disappear for any reason. We call these Visionaries Dreamguards. 

In Circle of the Phoenix, we consider these ‘Dream’ ranks as additional responsibilities which may be taken on by any Visionary when agreed to by the officer team.

Becoming an Officer

Joining the officer team is an act of service to the membership. It is a sign that you are willing:

-to help (in whatever ways are possible for you) with the smooth running of daily Guild life 

-to consider the wellbeing of all members (including other officers)

-to take action to sustain the Guild over the long term

The difference between Pathfinder and Visionary is in level of responsibility for daily Guild health, and the time and attention commitment required to stay up-to-date on leadership issues.

Any Idealist (full member) can contact a Visionary to indicate their willingness to become a servant of the Guild. The Visionary will post this consideration in the officer channel of Discord and collect feedback for a minimum of one week.

If there are no questions or concerns raised in the Officer channel during this time, the member can become a Pathfinder at the next Guild meeting, with all attendant celebration.

If any officer requests more information about the candidate for Pathfinder, a voice interview of the candidate can be scheduled that includes at least two current Visionaries. This interview addresses any questions or concerns that have been raised. After this, the Visionaries report back to the officer channel about the results of the interview, and the candidate can become a Pathfinder.

Any Pathfinder can contact a Visionary to indicate their desire to take on more responsibility. The candidate posts their intentions in the officer channel and all current Visionaries are required to consider the request. If the candidate has never been a Visionary before, an interview is conducted to confirm their understanding of responsibilities and how they see themselves acting in this role.

If the candidate has been a Visionary before, the current Visionaries can decide to readmit the candidate to this active level of commitment using more informal communication in the visionary and/or officer channels of Discord.

Any Visionary can notify the officer channel to request movement to Pathfinder, indicating a desire to have less responsibility and commitment to communication for a period of time. We celebrate the service of all officers, and consider any move between the ranks to be cause for celebration and gratitude.

Flexibility of Officer Roles

Any act of service to the Guild is celebrated, and we respect and cherish anyone who chooses to accept the role of officer.

These service roles are intended to be flexible, recognizing that real life is always more important than the game. The main difference between the two ranks is in day-to-day commitment, and officers are encouraged to move between these ranks according to their available time, mental and physical health, and gaming interests. 

Officer Team Communications

Officers use Discord, both text and voice, to communicate about issues facing the Guild, and to share information gathered by day-to-day interactions with members. 

We strive to share information with the widest appropriate membership, and use restricted channels only for items that may be speculative or sensitive. There are two primary communication channels restricted to Officers:

Guild Leadership Emeritus

Circle of the Phoenix was originally founded in 2005 as Order of Twilight by Zanriel and his close friends, who created the documents that form the foundation of our Guild. It has existed continuously for nearly as long as WoW itself, growing and changing as the game and its players change. In the words of the first leaders:

Values - We encourage grouping for the sake of grouping, and giving for the sake of giving. But most of all we encourage friendship and camaraderie. We are loyal to one another and to the Guild, but not just for the sake of duty. Our loyalty to the Guild is a direct result of the friendships we have formed between each other.

Future Vision - When you've reached the sunset of your life and you can look back to your time with our community with a sense of gratitude at all the good times you had over the years, how you've grown as a person, and all the good friends you've made who you still stay in touch with, then we have succeeded. This is how we hope to enrich the lives of our members.

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